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First devlog here. Thanks for your support for the Viridescent Dragon visual novel series! I plan to be much faster releasing each chapter than I have been (I mean, seriously, it was like a year since the Halloween Special already? Man, time flies...) I would like to also add a few goodies like miny comics (probably in a 4koma style?) In order to flesh out some personalities with certain characters, and I've also been rolling around in my mind, a possibility of having a seperate comic series that focuses on some characters' origins or backstories? (Kinda like how Overwatch does it but not nearly as flashy lol) They would be free as well, and available as PDF files or something. And finally, I'd like to say I may or may not update the sprites in Chapter 3. The lines are too thin, and I should have fixed that earlier on. I have an example of what the sprites might look like later, too (sorry for the large images):

Also, for the time being, I tried out different outlines for the character sprites:

Would you think the black outline or the white outline is better? Yeah, so go ahead and let me know what you think in the comments! I'd really appreciate it! :D

Anyway, thanks for reading! I just wanted to throw out some ideas for ya! See ya later! :D

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